About Us

Pro-Health Product Ltd is located in Guangzhou, China. We were established in 2007 on the premise of providing the best quality products to our customers along with outstanding unsurpassed customer service. We also pride ourselves in providing competitive pricing and feel that we offer the best combination of price verses quality. Our company specializes in High-performance Medical Products:

· Medical and Pharmaceutical Promotional Products

· Patient Education and Training Products

· Medical Models and Educational Presentations

· Medical and Patient aids - Pill Boxes are an example in which we have developed a very high level of expertise. Pill boxes have become one of our most successful products in our line of products and we challenge you to find a more qualified manufacturer in regards to this product line.


What makes Pro-Health Product Ltd. the right partner for your company?


1. Experience – We have been in business for 10 years as of 2017. In that time we have gained valuable experience and have applied that experience to search for better and more efficient ways to benefit our customers. Along the way, it has also allowed us to cut costs without cutting quality and that has allowed us to service our customers with a better quality/cost ratio.

2. Quality control  We own and operate our own factory. It is IOS13485 certified. This allows us to control the total manufacturing process from start to finish. We employ very talented plastic injection engineers which ensures our ability to control the injection parameters and the total manufacturing process, from beginning to end, to guarantee the best product outcome. We follow all guidelines and control documents regarding raw material safety and manufacturability. We pay very close attention to every detail and since we are in control of the entire manufacturing process, we can effect changes immediately to produce the best product possible in the most efficient time period. We source the quality of our materials for finish quality and injectability while using SGS reports which encompass toxicity and other safety issues, to ensure the best and safest product to our customers.

3. Prototyping – Production of prototypes can be accomplished through many avenues. Some are more expensive and some are more accurate. Accuracy usually accompanies expense but not always. Some methods are quicker and others produce better finishes. Some of the methods are:

    Clay Molding

    3D Scanning/Printing

    SLA and SLS prototyping

    CNC Machining

    Rapid Casting                               

    In working with our customers and determining their needs and requirements, we can arrive at the correct method to produce a prototype at the price point, time requirement and quality finish needed by our customer for the project.

4. Design – Many of our clients come to us with a design in mind or a design on paper and some even come with just an idea they wish to produce. Our team is capable of working with our clients to take their ideas/designs and make them a reality. Many times a client will have a design that will be too expensive to manufacture and at the same time arrive at the price point they wish to market their product. Our design and engineering teams have modified such designs to enhance the manufacturability of the desired product without changing its functionality. In this way, the product, not feasible in its original form to produce, became a marketable product with the desired functionality, quality, finish, and price point.

5. Service and reliability – Pro-Health Product Ltd, with its team of experts in many disciplines has the expertise to provide your company with one stop shopping. Our team is dedicated to working with our customers to make dreams possible. We care about our customers and believe in our ability to make the dreams of our customers become a reality. We pride ourselves in the fact that we will do everything possible to bring satisfaction to our customers and bring their product to the market place.


To summarize Pro-Health Product Ltd - We are a company dedicated to servicing our customers, helping them brings their dreams to the market place. Integrity is a top priority in our company and when we make an agreement, we stand by it even if it results in our company having to absorb unforeseen costs. Our customers are our first priority and we will do everything in our power to see that their needs are met. “Customer Satisfaction” is our motto.

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